About the Horse & Tack Auction * 2 Rings Running!
We have a 90 x 100 riding arena, multiple heated
sale rings, 2 rings running, company rider and
Consignors paid day of auction. We have a large
variety of new tack, western home decor, western
jewelry and accessories. All new tack and saddles
sell in he sale ring-all consigned new and used
tack will be sold in the new building.

Sale Barn Polices: All guarantees are between the
buyer and the seller. There will be a vet on site to
pull coggins test. If your horse is out of state-It
requires a current coggins test. There is a 3%
charge to pay with a debit or credit card at
Veedersburg Sale Barn, Inc. Please be aware of
this charge in advance. The horses at the sale will
be available for viewing 'Day of Auction' prior to
the auction starting. We have many options for
you to pay if you purchase tack or horses. These
forms are all major credit cards, check or cash.
New tack giveaway on the Special Registered
Sales in January, April, October, November and
New Year's Eve.

2:00 pm * New Tack (Sale Ring)
3:00 pm * Hay, New/Used Tack (Bldg. 1)
5:00 pm * New/Used Saddles (Sale Ring)
6:00 pm * Pones/Mules/etc., Registered Horses
followed by Grade.
(Unless it is a Special Registered Auction)
About the Goat, Sheep and Hog Auction
1st. Wednesday of the Month - If you are not selling by
the pound,you are not getting paid enough!

Auction Starts at 7:00 pm

We start taking consignments at 9:30 am "Day of
If bringing a large group, please arrive early so we can
properly weigh them  without a delay in starting time.
Thank you-Management.

Digital Scale * Heated Sale Ring *
600 Head Capacity
About the Chicken/Misc. Auction * 3 Rings Running!
You can drop off your consignments as early as 9:00
am "Day of Auction" (No earlier, and NO exceptions).

6:00 pm - Hay/Straw, New & Used Misc. (Outside)
6:30 pm - Decor, Tools, Toys and New Misc. (Bldg. 1)
7:00 pm - Chickens, Rabbits & Goats (Sale Ring)
Horse & Tack Auction
Chicken & Misc. Auction
Goat, Sheep & Hog Auction
Veedersburg Sale Barn, Inc.

100 S. Maple St - Veedersburg, IN 47987