Horse & Tack

Chicken & Misc.

Goat, Sheep & Hog
We start taking consignments at 9:30 am "Day of Auction". If bringing
a large group, please arrive early so we can properly weigh them
without a delay in starting time. If you are bringing a registered goat,
please let us know so we can let our buyers know ahead of time.
Thank you-Management
2:00 pm * New Tack (Sale Ring)
3:00 pm * Hay, New/Used Tack (Bldg. 1)
5:00 pm * New/Used Saddles (Sale Ring)
6:00 pm * Pones/Mules/etc., Registered Horses followed
by Grade. Unless it's a Special Auction
Facebook horses will sell first
6:00 pm - Hay/Straw, New & Used Misc. (Outside)
6:30 pm - Decor, Tools, Toys and New Misc. (Bldg. 1)
7:00 pm - Chickens, Rabbits & Goats (Sale Ring)
If you are not selling by the pound,you are not getting
paid enough! Auction Starts at 7:00 pm
Veedersburg Sale Barn, Inc.

100 S. Maple St - Veedersburg, IN 47987